RENIC report on R+D+i in cybersecurity
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RENIC report on R+D+i in cybersecurity

RENIC report on R+D+i in cybersecurity

The latest RENIC report on R&D&i in Cybersecurity in Spain allows to conclude that there is a need for unifying criteria, creating synergies and generating investment between authorities, companies, individual professionals and academic and research institutions.

To follow a common strategy, by investing available resources in R&D&i, will contribute to achieve the goal of detecting new digital pathogens and new forms of intrusion into existing information and operation systems.

From “Arco Atlántico” we are prudently hopeful for the clear and positive evolution that this report includes with respect to the previous one, corresponding to 2016; but this does not make us lose sight of how much still remains to be done and the great investment that will still have to be put on the table.

The time is now and the agents involved must press for it to be so.

It will also be vital that the research groups referred to in the report are able to understand the lines in which their counterparts are working on. This will promote information sharing and collaboration in the fight against cybercrime.

From “ArcoAtlántico” we will do everything possible to be an active part and to contribute value so that the percentages referred to in the RENIC report improve, to give much more visibility to the research groups studied and, ultimately, to demand more investment in Cybersecurity

You can read the full report here:

Summarizing infographic available here:

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